TypingCat is a free program designed for streaming and general amusement. If you download and enjoy TypingCat then please consider donating. No one was paid to make this program and a donation both shows us your apreciation and allows us to futhur maintain and improve on it. There’s no set amount for donations; whatever you think it’s worth to you.

Here’s the download:


TypingCat Skins!

Here you’ll find all the TypingCat skins in existence; well atleast the ones that we’ve made personally. There aren’t that many to choose from currently and we’re hoping to get the situation fixed. In the meantime take a look down below to see if you like anything… just click on the image to download it.

How do I install the skins?

Once downloaded drag and drop the file onto the TypingCat window to import it.
Once imported click on TypingCat to show the about window and then ok; a skin selection window will apear. It will appear black if no skins are installed. Scroll and click to choose which skin you want to use.

Polar Bear
Mirror Cat
Charcoal Cat