Hey, my name’s Sasha; I’m the one writting this. I wanted to create games when I was young — so I started learning. I probably read ever help page for QBasic dozens of times and probably pressed F1 over 10, 000 times; all just so I can make something cool. Eventually I wanted to step up my programming skills beyond QBasic. So I presented myself with an even steeper chanllenge than QBasic: C++.

The challenge wasn’t just steep; it was more like a cliff face. I had trouble finding the initial footing. I even caved in a couple times to play with the familiarity of QBasic. But I never really gave up. Eventually I learnt enough to make simple games; but I still didn’t know anything practical about game design.

So to learn game design I would play games. I would play them in a weird way. I would explore a game in a way that other players normally wouldn’t: doing whatever I can think of to expose the underlying workings of the it’s world. Kinda like how a scientist builds conjectures about the real world using evidence from their experiments, I would build ideas and concepts of how to implement game elements through experiements done in some digital world. I still play games like this; it’s how I enjoy them.

The exprience I’ve gathered through experimentation was well worth it and helped me to understand the reasons to why certain things are done the way they are. It’s an experience that I would recommend to others interested in game development. And here on this site I want to share my experience and to hopefully provide a little guidance and or inspiration to those who show up here.

Happy gamming!
Sasha Gervais-Tourangeau