Since we do software and other’s do software and we use other’s software we’d like to give credit where it belongs! Here’s a list of libraries we’ve used and where you can find them!


Simple Direct Media Layer 2.0 is a wonderful library with quiet a few other libraries built around it. We’ve used some of these and figured they deserve a mention of their own, so scroll down!

If you want to learn more about SDL then go straight to the source!

SDL_ttf 2.0

This library used the SDL 2 API. It’s main use is for rendering fonts such the TrueTypeFont, OpenTypeFont, and others. Here’s a link to where you can find it!

SDL_image 2.0

Another wonderful library built using the SDL 2 API. We’ve used it to load image formats outside of BMP. It’s quiet useful, check it out here:

SDL_mixer 2.0

Here’s yet another library we’ve used built around the SDL 2 API. It’s usage is similar to SDL_image but it’s meant for audio files. Useful for loading OGG, MP3, and the such.

Here’s where you can find it:

Boost C++ Libraries

We’ve used mostly this library for fileystems. Useful for crossplatform development. There’s alot of uses for Boost and we’d recommend going to their website to learn more about it.

Here’s their easy to remember URL: