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What We’re About

Many are passionate about games. We get it, we are too! However, games and their design process have many parts. Sometimes very daunting parts. We strive towards providing a source for fledgling to full-fledged indie devs. A source that’s entertaining, yet knowledgable. We wish to give back as we go along being the creators we’re passionate to be.

Our Story

Communities based around game development have been around for some time now but finding an indie that would go through the whole process was hard. Not every indie did everything; which made sense. It’s easier and more time efficient to focus on what you’re good at and get help for the rest. This made it even harder to find indie’s that had design processes that aligned well with each other.

After spending years of playing around in the indie sandbox things were starting to get clearer. Tools that were once obscure became intuitive. Techniques that were once unknown became known. And decisions that were hard to make became manageable.

Giving back to the community seemed like the obvious thing to do. Never was there a giant leap in knowledge. It was all gained gradually. So here we are inspired to lay out the tiny stepping stones for fledgling, or even full-fledged, indies.

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For general questions you can email us here: query@asphe.games

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