We’re settled in; mostly.

We just move our site over to a new hosting service. It took some time but mostly only because of the limited time spent working on it; our site isn’t our main product. In any case, the move was smooth enough for our liking. There are some things that we’d like to update but as of right now everything seems to be in order. Our old site will still be online for about a month but everything that was there is here on this site so there really isn’t much need to be heading over there.

There are plans to update the Libraries page on this site to a more suitable format as well as adding new libraries we’ve used. There’s also a new page added to the site: TypingCat. We plan on adding demos and tutorials for the cat application as it is more of a tool than a game. (As well as adding a skins download page!)

That’s it for site related news. Thanks for stopping by!

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