Generic Jumper on Steam!

Dear Reader,

Jump through a quiet land and learn of it’s past.
What really happens when a chosen one saves the world?

Generic Jumper is a skill based game that takes place in wonderful platformy world! Experience challenges that emerge from simple blocks; discover new uses for the ubiquitous crate; and Platform your way to the end of a story.

Is it for you?

Here at Asphe Games we’re a bunch-o-nice people so we decided to help you answer the hardest question of all: Is this for you?
In an attempt to help we compiled a nice little list of questions below… so if you answer yes to any of them then, yes, this is for YOU!

Do you…

  • … like jumping on blocks?
  • … enjoy challenging controls where you slide a little more then you’d like?
  • … love catapulting yourself into the abyss constantly?
  • … have a hankering to hang out with a bunch of virtual crates?
  • … crave a simple platformer that let’s your brain take a break?

If you answered yes to any of the above then why not give it a try! If you get bored you’re always welcome to head to the options menu to customize your A-Player v0.1 music playlist and even better yet create your own levels to plat around in!!!

Best Regards,

The Depricarion

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