Generic Jumper on Steam!

Dear Reader,

Jump through a quiet land and learn of it’s past.
What really happens when a chosen one saves the world?

Generic Jumper is a skill based game that takes place in wonderful platformy world! Experience challenges that emerge from simple blocks; discover new uses for the ubiquitous crate; and Platform your way to the end of a story.

Is it for you?

Here at Asphe Games we’re a bunch-o-nice people so we decided to help you answer the hardest question of all: Is this for you?
In an attempt to help we compiled a nice little list of questions below… so if you answer yes to any of them then, yes, this is for YOU!

Do you…

  • … like jumping on blocks?
  • … enjoy challenging controls where you slide a little more then you’d like?
  • … love catapulting yourself into the abyss constantly?
  • … have a hankering to hang out with a bunch of virtual crates?
  • … crave a simple platformer that let’s your brain take a break?

If you answered yes to any of the above then why not give it a try! If you get bored you’re always welcome to head to the options menu to customize your A-Player v0.1 music playlist and even better yet create your own levels to plat around in!!!

Best Regards,

The Depricarion



Asphe Games is a small indie game development studio; an “interactive digital entertainment creation¬†business”, or “Idecb”¬†as Asphe would insist. Now aside from whatever you’d like to call it, it doesn’t change how excited we are! With multiple games already planned, we hope to share the process of producing some of these creations along the way.

We want to be as entertaining as we can. Being just as interactive as our games. And, sharing what we know along the way.

As time gets closer to our first big announcement we keep getting closer and closer to the edge of our seats. So hang on and check back soon!

Oh, and if you want leave us a comment!

Best Regards,

The Depricarion.