the “Undesirable Anouncement”

Hello, World!

Our lovely friend Asphe has brought to our attention that we haven’t posted an update to the site for quite some time now! (Not since the first post) So we figured that we might as well pick up the pace a little as we approach our first annoucement. This post, unlike what the title may have you believe, is not an undesirable annoucement. We’ll be discussing them.

We mainly have two reasons to discuss this: 1) it’s releated to maintaining a ‘heathly’ relation with your audience; 2) we want to provided some basis to our decisions regarding to how we operate. But before continue we have to underline what an ‘undesirable annoucement’ is.

There are a few types of undesirable annoucements since any type of annoucement that may disappoint someone could be argued, by at least that someone, that it is an undesirable annoucement. But here we’ll be discussing the very upsetting, but sometimes very necessary, annoucements that announce the delay of a product.

Unfortunately, this is an announcement that we’ve seen very young game studios have made too early. We understand the need to develop an audience for a game before a release but choosing the right time to start marketing is a vital part of that process. It is very likely that a new studio does not have the ability to accurately estimate how long their development process may take. If it is felt to be necessary one might consider using seasons (such as “Fall” or “Winter”) and provide a more concrete estimate once the product has entered the final stages of development. Even for early access games this can be used since a minimal viable product must be finished first.

Asphe Games plans for a marketing method that avoids the need of making hard predictions. This is so our ‘heathly’ relationship, our reputation, grows. We hope that this also provides a reason to why we have not released a date on our first project yet; we’ll be doing that shortly though.

Hopefully we will be providing meaningful information on release dates through our actions here and elsewhere as we prepare for our first release. If any of you so wish go follow us on instagram @asphegames. There you be able to see more of what we do before we “announce” anything “officially”. If this post left you unsatisfied let us know why down in the comments and we’ll try our best to quench your thrist!

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The Depricarion

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